Saturday, December 1, 2007

MSAer on the CNN-YouTube Republican Debate

Don't bother listening to the's the typical trash/lies one would expect from the Republican pro-war candidates. Nevertheless, kudos to sister Yasmin Elhady for being proactive and putting her thoughts and question out there.

Unfortunately, Yasmin has been getting harassed since her question was aired on the debate: everything from insults to death threats. Read the details here and here.

By the way, in case you hadn't heard, a little over a year ago Yasmin was chosen by Glamour as one of the Top 10 College cool is that?! You go sister! Excerpts of the blurb on her in Glamour below:

Yasmin Elhady, 21, Emory University
HER DEFINING MOMENT: “Right after 9/11, I was booed out of Wal-Mart,” says Elhady, a devout Muslim who wears a head scarf. HER NEXT STEPS: She vowed to be a positive spokeswoman for her religion. “I wouldn’t be a Muslim if I didn’t believe Islam respects individuality and women’s rights,” says Elhady, who grew up in Alabama. As a sophomore at Emory, she organized “Fast-A-Thons,” where students fasted—a basic practice of Islam—for one day to raise funds for victims of social injustice. Campuses across Atlanta joined her movement and helped land Elhady, a behavioral biology and Middle Eastern studies major, an internship at the Carter Center (she had lunch with the former president!).