Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pipin' Away

Daniel Pipes once again visited the University of California Irvine campus this past Thursday, after an all-too-brief hiatus. His lecture, entitled "Militant Islam and the West," drew a sympathetic crowd that numbered about fifty, as well as over a hundred protesters.

Daniel Pipes is well known for his hateful message, and is widely considered the premier Islamophobe in the country. An excerpt of the question and answer session from his lecture, where the Muslim Student Union's Spokeswoman Mariam Moustafa challenged him, clearly evidences this:

Mariam: What if Muslims do not accept your modernized versions of Islam?

Pipes: The war goes on.

Mariam: For how long?

Pipes: Until they do. We are fighting a defensive war…Which is worse, being attacked by terrorists, or being afraid of being perceived as a terrorist?

Mariam: So because I’m a Muslim, people should be afraid of me?

Pipes: I’m afraid so. [Applause]

(actual transcript from a reporter)

More information about Daniel Pipes can be found here. Alkalima Newsmagazine has created a professional pamphelet that can be downloaded and printed, for use if Pipes is invited to speak on your campus.

You can check out video of the silent walkout here.

To see video of how the Muslim students were then followed and harassed by a Red County blogger, see here.

Over a hundred UCI students, wearing tape across their mouths that said things like "Islamophobia" and "Racism", silently walked out of the Pipes' lecture once he began railing against domestic terrorism and accused students of being terrorists.

The Muslim Student Union released a press statement several hours before the event on their website, condemning Pipes' hateful message. They have also uploaded a video statement. Feedback is always welcome.

The Daily Pilot covered the event with an article entitled "Protesters Turn Silent" and local elected official Chuck DeVore blogged about it.

Overall, I think it is important to note that Daniel Pipes has very little support - as evidenced by the lack of turnout to his lecture. The type of propoganda he preaches, which attempts to paint all Muslims as extremists out to kill, is simply not accepted as truthful. It's also interesting to see how student activism evolves on campuses across America.


Anonymous said...

I don't see that as harassment. Here is actual footage of MSU members coercing a student journalist for simply videotaping an event.

sadlyput said...

its funny how there was no one left. I guess the Moslems are his biggest supporters.

by the way, Mariam's entire "dialogue" was amazing. It showed how idiotic pipes is- well better put, how extremist he himself is. he lives in his own subtle fascist world.