Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moina Shaiq: Fremont Woman of the Year

It's so inspiring to hear stories like this one. If one is sincere in wanting to make a difference Allah (swt) will find her a way. Congratulations Sister Moina - you make us all very proud. I cannot even imagine the amount of dawah you have done through you work...putting words into action is the best way of smashing stereotypes (especially hateful ones). And jazaki Allah khairan Sabeen for sharing the photo!

Muslim Community Leader Honored

One day after state Sen. Ellen Corbett named the 49-year-old Fremont resident Woman of the Year, she was up at the crack of dawn, attending a fundraising breakfast for the Tri-City Homeless Coalition, which she serves as vice president.

From there, it was off to a volunteer event at the Fremont Senior Center, followed by a visit to Kaiser hospital, where she has started a program to make sure hospital workers are meeting the spiritual and material needs of Muslim patients.

And finally, she escorted her daughter's Girl Scout troop to a local animal hospital to help them earn a pet-care badge.

"I'm so totally booked," Shaiq said. "I have to look at my planner every morning — and again twice a day — so I don't forget anything."

Shaiq has received most of her accolades for her work with the Muslim Support Network, an elder support group, which she co-founded, but Shaiq also has ties to several other local nonprofits: She is a board member of the Washington Hospital Foundation and the Fremont Alliance for a Hate Free Community. She also chairs Fremont's Human Relations Commission and is a volunteer driver for the American Cancer Society.


Shaiq grew up in Pakistan, andcame to the United States with her husband, Mohammad, as a 19-year-old. After five years in Florida, the couple moved to Fremont, and eventually started a computer sales business.

She left the family business in 1998 to care for her four children, but soon began making time for community groups as well.

She started the Muslim Support Network after seeing how her mother suffered from isolation and depression living in Atlanta. The nonprofit helps Muslim seniors access social services and socialize with their peers.

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Anonymous said...

I want to be like her when I grow up.

zahid said...

In the picture that you have posted, who is Moina Shaiq?

Zahra Billoo said...

The woman in the back with the flowers.