Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looks as Though We Are Down to 3439673 Reasons to NOT Shop at Wal-Mart

I stated in a previous post that there were 3439674 reasons for people of conscience to not shop at Wal-Mart. There's good news, the number of reasons has dropped to 3439673:

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is dropping a controversial effort to collect over $400,000 in health care reimbursement from a former employee who suffered brain damage in a traffic accident.

The world's largest retailer said in a letter to the family of Deborah Shank of Cape Girardeau County in Missouri that it will not seek to collect money the Shanks won in an injury lawsuit against a trucking company for the accident.

Wal-Mart's top executive for human resources, Pat Curran, wrote that Shank's extraordinary situation had made the company re-examine the situation.
Full Story: STL Today

Please do not get me wrong. We should still be avoiding Wal-Mart as though it is the Black Plague. The list of legitimate criticisms against this corporate monster is endless.

Rather this news should be seen as an inspiration, a reminder that the power of the people and bad PR is still a force to be reckoned with.


Alaa said...


Mohammad Mertaban said...

i love zahra's comments @ the end of this post. for some reason though, even though walmart did drop these charges, i still feel that there is alterior motive behind WHY they dropped those charges. not all of the informations is in front of us, so all we can do is speculate. i still hate walmart with a passion.

Affad Shaikh said...

Dude, just because they got negative PR, i mean NEGATIVE PR from this one case doesnt meant their crappy behavior toward employees is made up for.

Listen, they not only mistreat employees but they treat honest tax payers like us as dopes.

Walmart keeps employee earnings low, so that by law they would not have to provide them with healthcare, and instead would allow the employees to seek health care through the state, our tax dollars pay for that.

This keeps the employees poor, allows Walmart to use our money to pay for their responsibility, all the while earning for Walmart keep going up.

Thats just one of the thousands of reasons for not shopping at Walmart. Go to Target. Go to Biglots, heck shop at Costco. Stay clear of Walmart.

SA said...

Al hamdulil Lah! Such wonderful news for the lady! Still.. as mentioned that it doesn't leave them off the hook. Thanks for following up on this issue Zahra. :)