Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Defending Hijab?

Submitted by Guest Blogger Marya Bangee

Although this is a few days old, I still found it incredibly touching. As someone who has dealt with positive and negative reactions to the hijab (recently a store owner told my sister and I to "Watch it out there!" in a friendly way) it is simply beautful to see people stand up for your beliefs. To see the older man whose son had come back from Iraq, crying while standing up for the Muslim hijabi - that's something beyond words.


Anonymous said...

The tally of 13 people reacting positively, 6 negatively, and 22 silently reminds me of blading on the beach with a friend. We occasionally tally how many responses we receive when we exchange a "hello" to the other folks on the beach. Usually we receive more hellos and smiles from the older folks rather the younger folks. Perhaps the new generation is losing touch with their friendly side...The elder man's response in the video was truly touching and I appreciate the goodness in his heart and his willingness to stand up for justice.

Anonymous said...

made me teary

thanks for sharing

Affad Shaikh said...

but the other older gentleman was a "buster". I think it has more to do with the prevelent feelings in society.

When we as Muslims can show ourselves as being part of the fabric, but at the same time willing to stand up for our beliefs, people will see that freedom of religion is not just limited to White Christian males, but also white Muslim ones :)

Vince said...

The people that stood silent said the most to me. Silence is the supporter of genocide and ignorance. We must stand with strong feet and a loud voice against injustices of this sort.

Anonymous said...

interesting note Vince.

that makes me wonder that if I (a Muslim) saw this happen to someone else (for e.g a Jew), would I have spoken up? or would I have stood silently?

I ask God to give us the strength to speak up against injustice irrespective of who it is towards.