Monday, July 14, 2008

Arranged Marriage

Anybody have a camcorder Muslamics can borrow? (Check out the application form, and the request will make sense!)
Arranged Marriage TV

The Emmy-nominated producers of PROJECT RUNWAY and TOP CHEF presents ARRANGED MARRIAGE!

Lifetime Television and Magical Elves, the production company behind such hits as Project Greenlight (HBO), Top Chef (Emmy-nominated) and Project Runway (Emmy-nominated / Peabody Award-winning), are teaming up to introduce America to an ancient practice that may have a great deal to teach our modern relationships.

It's a way of finding a lifelong mate that works in many cosmopolitan cultures of today, and over the course of their first year of marriage, four couples will show us how our own culture can embrace and make love work - when marriage comes first.

We are looking for four people who will ask their closest loved ones - whether family or friends - to team up and choose a spouse for them; they know you, they love you, they want what's best for you; they may even have better judgment about who would make a good lifetime partner for you.

You must be ready to commit to marriage. Your loved ones will match you with someone based on shared goals, values, experiences and the commitment to making it work. It will be a leap of faith that this choice will be the basis for a healthy, loving, sturdy relationship, and you must be willing to make the leap.


Affad Shaikh said...

maybe i should try this before going to pakistan....

Anonymerican Muslimah said...

Br. Affad, I think you should.

Worst case scenario you don't meet the girl of your dreams on the show. Your plight of singledom would still be broadcast nationwide, possibly creating an influx of interested sisters inquiring about you.

What's to lose?

Anonymerican Muslimah said...

Afterthought: are they even looking for brownies for the show?

I'd almost think it's appeal would be the idea of taking an "Eastern" method and applying it to "Westerners"?

Marya Bangee said...

i think someone should do this! What a great teaching opportunity about Islam and Muslims. If they don't capitalize on the situation and make it all stereotypical...which is probably what would happen. Ok, maybe not.

But really. At least if someone intelligent applies, it might circumvent the possibility of a random fob who ends up on the show portraying Muslims and just gives us all a bad name with the cultural baggage.

Ayesha said...

I can't wait to see this!

I second the suggestion that Affad Shaikh should participate.


Anonymous said...

This has actually gotten more response than I had anticipated. lol

Affad Shaikh said...

why me!?! I might already be engaged to some one in pakistan, or talking to some one in the UK, or married and have three secret children some where in San Diego...!