Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dirty Dozen

Zahra posted on Obsession With Hate a wonderful website that is a great resource on this mockumentary. In fact two years ago when it came out I was raving and ranting about it here and here, yet no one paid attention (sigh) so everyone was up in arms when 28 million copies found themselves in newspapers and distributed across the United States followed by hate crimes and incidents (Illinois a Muslim female student attacked by masked gunman, only days after Islamophobic graffiti vandalism was done to her).

Many of the individuals outlined in Obsession as experts are really the "Dirty Dozen" when it comes to anti-Muslim rhetoric and vitriol. You can check out this wonderful website put together by FAIR (not associated with CAIR in anyway). The website states:

Smearcasting documents the public writings and appearances of Islamophobic activists and pundits who intentionally and regularly spread fear, bigotry and misinformation in the media. Offering a fresh look at Islamophobia and its perpetrators in today’s media, it also provides four snapshots, or case studies, describing how Islamophobes manipulate media in order to paint Muslims with a broad, hateful brush.

and for MSA's facing speakers coming to their campus from the "Dirty Dozen" this is a great resource to plan counter pamphlets, events and information! Enjoy!

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